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Scotland - Cairngorms





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March 2

  Dipper 31st

  Chew 30th

  Slimbridge 29th

March 1

  Aust 23d

  Giltar Point 16th

  London WWT 15th

  Durham Downs 12th

  Slimbridge 8th

  Great Barrington/Hawling 1st

February 2

  Chipping Sodbury 26th

  Forest of Dean 22nd

  Kent 14th-16th

February 1

  Marshfield Aust 10th

  Marshfield 4th

  Aust 3rd

  Forest of Dean 2nd

  Slimbridge 1st


  Forest Farm 20th

  Chew 19th

  Exe 12th



  Brixham Broadsands 29th

  Portland 27th

  Severn Beach Slimbridge 14th

  Science Park 3rd

  Somerset Levels 2nd


  Chew 18th

  Slimbridge 10th

  Newport Wetlands 9th

  Westonbirt 7th


  Berkeley Blagdon Chew 7th

Bay of Biscay


  Blagdon 28th

  Devon 14th

  Dorset 2nd

August 2

  Slimbridge and Pensile Hill

  Hawk Conservancy 22nd

Bird Fair

August 1

  Slimbridge 11th

  Fontell and Alners Gorse 10th

July 2

  West Yatton Down 28th

  Heddon Valley 21st

  Wales 15th

  Savernake 14th

  Inglestone 13th

July 1

  Inglestone 8th

  Lizard Orchid 2th

  Forest of Dean 1st

Skomer June


  Daneway Banks 30th

  Slimbridge 29th

  Aylesbeare Common 8th

  Slimbridge 3rd



  Chew & Salisbury 23rd

  Slimbridge 20th

  Somerset Levels 15th

  Slimbridge 7th

  Forest of Dean 6th

March 3

  Blagdon Lake 31st

  Marshfield 30th

March 2

  Blagdon Lake


March 1

  Garden Birds

  Portishead 18th

  Slimbridge 11th

  Portishead 4th

  Quedgeley, CWP 3rd

  Forest of Dean 2nd



  Aust 27th

  Cheltenham Diver 10th

  RSPB Criuse, Exe 9th


January 2

  Slimbridge 26th & 27th

  Garden 21st

  Slimbridge 21st

  Yate/Waxwings 19th

  Garden 18th

January 1

  Garden Sparrowhawk 8th

  Portishead & Chew 7th

  Slimbridge 2nd

  Cheltenham & Highnam 1st

Bristol and Avon Bird


August 2014

Rutland Water Thursday 14th August 2014

We went to Rutland Water for the annual Birdfair and to kick it off on the Thursday, we went on the Osprey cruise around Rutland Water with Simon King. There was still plenty of Swallows hanging around at Whitwell Harbour. Also on the shore was a couple of Pied Wagtails. We watched a few Common Terns flying past as we got on the Rutland Belle. Not long after we left Whitwell we saw our first Osprey flying over. Further along a Yellow - legged Gull flew away from the boat and landed on a post. On our way back round and by the dam we saw two more Ospreys flying over and a Great Black - backed Gull perched on a post. The boat then turned round and went back to where the Ospreys had flown and we had the spectacular sight of an Osprey plunge dive for a fish and it was successful. It flew off with the Gulls flying after it. It was a wonderful trip with Simon King and Tim MacKrill telling us about the Ospreys. The weather that evening was lovely, even though there was a quick shower as we boarded the boat (just to get the seats wet), it didn’t rain again. On our way back to Whitwell we saw a small flock of Egyptian Geese flying past and a Common Tern perched on a bouy. Dad didn’t come on the trip, but he saw some nice things on shore including a Muntjac Deer. He also saw one of the Ospreys by the dam. We then went to our Hotel for the night.

Common Tern [Summer]


Swallow [Juvenile]

Swallow [Juvenile

Osprey Cruise with Simon King

Slimbridge & New Passage 31st August 2014

We went to Slimbridge to book for the Landrover Safari. We had a quick look in the Rushy Pen and saw both Common and Green Sandpipers. Not often you get a chance to see both Sandpipers together. We went back to the foyer and boarded the trailer for the Safari. We didn't see much on the reserve except for Whinchat, Clouded Yellow (which didn't land, neither did the Brimstone that it was chasing), a brief view of two Garganey, Little Grebe, Cormorant, Kestrel, Curlews, Grey Heron, Yellow Wagtails flying over & Shelducks. I had hoped for Hobby or Marsh Harrier but not today. While we were on the Landrover Safari, Dad was watching a Kingfisher and Marsh Harrier from the Knott Hide. Grrr! We had a quick look at South Lake, but again not much there. Mum saw on Twitter that a Wryneck was seen at New Passage so we decided to look on the way home. As we were walking back past the Waderscape, we spotted some juvenile Swallows perched on a beam and the adults kept coming back to feed it. When we got to New Passage the Wryneck was partly hidden and sat on the wall for couple of minutes to sunbathe. It had been feeding on the ground and I hoped it might come back down again. Sadly my last view of the Wryneck was as it flew off at 15:20 and hid itself. We couldn’t really stay much longer as Dad had some work to do, so we left it at that. It came back later in the day but it was not reported the next morning. Still, it least I saw it.

Frampton & Northwick Warth 30th August 2014

We went to Splatt Bridge at Frampton on Severn to look for the Marsh Sandpiper. We eventually picked it out feeding with the much larger Greenshank. It was lucky we went to see it as the bird disappeared overnight. It was a bit distant for photos, but I got a record shot. We went to Northwick Warth to look for another Sandpiper of the Tringa family. When we first got there, we were told it had not been seen for an hour. While we were waiting we saw a Whinchat perched above the reedbed and some Yellow Wagtail feeding amongst the cattle with a Pied Wagtail. A Wheatear was out on the flash but I didn't see it.  The Sandpiper which we went to see was a Wood Sandpiper and at last it flew in. This was a Juvenile bird on it's way down south.  The Juvenile Waders are certainly more confiding and approachable birds.  Adults are more wary and tend to keep their distance.  The last time I saw a Wood Sandpiper was distant blob on the Tack Piece at Slimbridge in 2012. I had an enjoyable time taking pictures of it as it took no notice of all the people. Lovely bird!

Wryneck, New Pasage

Peregrine Falcon , New Passage

House Sparrow [Male]

Common & Green Sandpiper, Rushy Pen

Common Sandpiper

Pied & Yellow Wagtails with Cattle

Marsh Sandpiper & Greenshank

Wood Sandpiper [Juvenile]



Bird Fair

Dyfi/ Nant yr Arian 23rd August 2014

We went to Dyfi Osprey Project to see Monty and the Juveniles before they head off back to Africa. The female, Glesni had already left. Along the boardwalk we saw a lot of Common Lizards icluding a few without tails and a Common Darter. A Juvenile Robin, which was just beginning to get it's red breast was sunbathing on the boardwalk. In the far distance on a telegraph post was a Juvenile Female called Deri. The  Juvenile Male that was on a perch above the nest was Gwynant. After a couple of minutes he flew off to join Deri on the telegraph post. No sooner had we got back to visitor centre than Monty returned with a fish and fed Deri on the nest. Further down the road was a new viewpoint overlooking the river Dyfi and you could see the Observatory in the distance. There were lots of Goosanders on the bank but sadly they flew further back and we just saw a few swimming down river. We got to Nant yr Arian a bit late and just missed the Kites being fed. They were lots of Red Kites flying around but none were perching. The reason why was that all the larch trees had been cut down because of the larch disease. After they finished the food the Kites soon disappeared, but a few stayed around the area. I missed the white Kite, unfortunately, but Dad saw it briefly. It was not as good as it was, which is a bit of a shame. On the feeders there were Siskins, Chaffinches, Greenfinches and House Sparrows. Finally in the car park were a couple of Carrion Crows with a Juvenile. We then made our way home.

Nant yr Arian

Common Darter


Robin [Juvenile] sunbathing

Red Kite

Common Lizard

The Dyfi Observatory Hide

The River Dyfi  & the Osprey Hide

Red Kite


Meeting  Chris Packham

Tufted Duck [Female & Duckling]

Great Crested Grebe [Juvenile]

Meeting Johnny Kingdom

Eygptian Geese

Meeting Bill Oddie

Osprey [Maya at the Lyndon Nest]

Eygptian Geese on Osprey Nest

Green Sandpiper

Bill Oddie at the Book Signing Stand

Death’s Head Hawkmoth

Little Egret

Meeting Mike Dilger

Rutland Water Friday
15th August 2014

The hotel we were staying was very nice and there is no set time for breakfast which is easier. When we went down I had a surprise seeing Bill Oddie having his as well. On the Friday we spent much of the day looking around the Birdfair. It was a strange start to the day. First Mum saw a Rabbit in the car park and was worried it might get run over as the cars were still coming in. She picked it up and put it in the hedge. Poor thing had myxomatosis. We first went to BAWC stand to see Findlay Wilde’s giant Hen Harrier and while Mum was taking a photo of me by it, a man close by collapsed and fell face down into some water. Dad and a man from the stand managed to pull him out and then got the first aiders to look after him. There seems to be even more marquees and stalls and you really do need three days to look at everything and go to lectures. At 14:00 we went to a talk by Simon King called "Mini Eden - Bringing Life Back to Wild Meadows”, which was about his new property and the work he’s done to encourage wildlife. Afterwards Mum went to the Zeiss stand to buy his calendar and get it signed, I also asked him to sign my programme too. We tried to see the Bill Oddie talk about Malta, but two people came to join the couple in front of us and we just missed out getting in because of them. One of them was none other than Chris Packham, so I forgave him! (Mum didn’t!) Later we went to one of the marquees where Chris Packham was doing a book signing. I also asked him to sign my programme.

In the evening we did a bit of birdwatching and went to the Osprey Hide, where we did see a Osprey very distantly. A Little Egret was fishing close to the hide and a Kingfisher perched on the post. It dived into the water, caught something and it flew off. There was a Green Sandpiper feeding on the mud. We went into Oakham to get something to eat and afterwards headed back to the birdfair, to the Events Marquee where Chris Packham gave a talk at 19:30 called "The Beautiful and the Damned”. It was very good.

Rutland Water Saturday 16th August 2014

On the Saturday we went to a talk by Dave Sexton about "Springwatch - in the beginning". It was about the time when they filmed the White-tailed Eagles on Mull with Simon King. That was when Bill Oddie and Kate Humble also presented the programme. I must admit that I did like those three presenting it. In one of the marquees some volunteers were showing visitors a really special Moth called a Death's Head Hawkmoth. The first one I’ve ever seen in my life. In another marquee, Bill Oddie and Mark Avery were book signing and I asked them if they would sign my programme as well.  

Afterwards we went to the Redshank Hide where we saw two Hobby’s chasing the Swallows. Then on to the Grebe hide where we could see the Sand Martin bank better, but not much else there, so we went to the Osprey Hide and we saw 3 Green Sandpipers. From the Dunlin Hide we saw a few Common Terns cruising back and forth. There were lots of Eygptian Geese on the bank. Two Eygptian Geese were perched on an unused Osprey Nest. We went back to the birdfair for a talk at 15:00 “Bird Brain” hosted by Bill Oddie. Very enjoyable and an hour later, we stayed for a talk by Mike Dilger. There was another talk with Bill after we were going to see, but it was a bit hot in the marquee, so we decided to to the Lyndon reserve to look for Ospreys. We saw the female, now called Maya, on the pole by the nest and she flew up and chased a Buzzard off the other post. The male flew past and looked like he might be fishing, but he didn’t dive at all. Shortly afterwards, he landed on the nest. Nearby a Grey Heron was wading in the shallow water amongst the reeds. (This was where the Spotted Crake turned up a few days after the birdfair, giving lovely views. Darn it!)

Rutland Water Sunday 17th August 2014

We went to a talk by Paul Eele at 9:30 called "Birding RSPB Titchwell." Which was very interesting and showed all different species of birds including the Sammy the Black - winged Stilt. We went into one of the marquees where Mike Dilger was doing some book signing and he signed my programme. The next talk I wanted to go to was Johnny Kingdom. The title was called "Exmoor Escapades”. Johnny didn’t have a stall this year and I’d only seen him walking about the birdfair. On the way there we walked past Bill Oddie and Mum asked him for a photo. Johnny Kingdom’s talk was very funny and enjoyable, and afterwards I went to buy his new calendar and got it signed. I also asked him to sign my programme and his wife, Julie gave me a photo with his autograph as well. Afterwards we decided to do a bit more birdwatching. From one of the hides we saw some Eygptian Geese, Common Terns & Lapwings. We went to Shoveler Hide to see what was there and was surprised to see a nice Male Shoveler in eclipse plumage. Outside the hide was a Red Admiral Butterfly. From the Crake Hide (no Crakes!) we saw a family of Great Crested Grebes, Mute Swans and Tufted Ducks. Also a Little Grebe or Dabchick in Juvenile plumage. One of the Tufted Duck chicks climbed on its mothers back and sat there preening itself. It looked so cute! It had been a really good birdfair. There were a few more talks I would have liked to go to, but they clashed with others and I would have liked to meet David Lindo again, but kept missing him on his stall. Never mind! I now look forward to the 2015 Birdfair.

Rutland Bird Fair

Shoveler [Male  Eclipse]

Little Grebe [Juvenile]

Eygptian Goose


Red Admiral

Great Crested Grebes

Wood Sandpiper [Juvenile]