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Scotland - Cairngorms





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March 2

  Dipper 31st

  Chew 30th

  Slimbridge 29th

March 1

  Aust 23d

  Giltar Point 16th

  London WWT 15th

  Durham Downs 12th

  Slimbridge 8th

  Great Barrington/Hawling 1st

February 2

  Chipping Sodbury 26th

  Forest of Dean 22nd

  Kent 14th-16th

February 1

  Marshfield Aust 10th

  Marshfield 4th

  Aust 3rd

  Forest of Dean 2nd

  Slimbridge 1st


  Forest Farm 20th

  Chew 19th

  Exe 12th



  Brixham Broadsands 29th

  Portland 27th

  Severn Beach Slimbridge 14th

  Science Park 3rd

  Somerset Levels 2nd


  Chew 18th

  Slimbridge 10th

  Newport Wetlands 9th

  Westonbirt 7th


  Berkeley Blagdon Chew 7th

Bay of Biscay


  Blagdon 28th

  Devon 14th

  Dorset 2nd

August 2

  Slimbridge and Pensile Hill

  Hawk Conservancy 22nd

Bird Fair

August 1

  Slimbridge 11th

  Fontell and Alners Gorse 10th

July 2

  West Yatton Down 28th

  Heddon Valley 21st

  Wales 15th

  Savernake 14th

  Inglestone 13th

July 1

  Inglestone 8th

  Lizard Orchid 2th

  Forest of Dean 1st

Skomer June


  Daneway Banks 30th

  Slimbridge 29th

  Aylesbeare Common 8th

  Slimbridge 3rd



  Chew & Salisbury 23rd

  Slimbridge 20th

  Somerset Levels 15th

  Slimbridge 7th

  Forest of Dean 6th

March 3

  Blagdon Lake 31st

  Marshfield 30th

March 2

  Blagdon Lake


March 1

  Garden Birds

  Portishead 18th

  Slimbridge 11th

  Portishead 4th

  Quedgeley, CWP 3rd

  Forest of Dean 2nd



  Aust 27th

  Cheltenham Diver 10th

  RSPB Criuse, Exe 9th


January 2

  Slimbridge 26th & 27th

  Garden 21st

  Slimbridge 21st

  Yate/Waxwings 19th

  Garden 18th

January 1

  Garden Sparrowhawk 8th

  Portishead & Chew 7th

  Slimbridge 2nd

  Cheltenham & Highnam 1st

Bristol and Avon Bird


March 2013

Slimbridge 24th March 2013

We went to Slimbridge to see the Spoonbill which was on the Tack Piece feeding and resting. We saw a Male Garganey  fly in from the left of Martin Smith Hide and landed before disappearing behind the bank. We had look for it from Robbie Garnett but no sign. We went to the Willow Hide where we had excellent views of a Water Rail walking and swimming at close quarters, perhaps a bit too close sometimes for a picture. The Reed Buntings were feeding on the feeders along with Goldfinches, Long-tailed Tits, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Robin and Chaffinches. A Squirrel ran up and jumped on the bird table. We saw a Water Vole briefly swimming away from us into the reeds. We also saw another Vole which was a Bank Vole feeding on edge of the water.  We went to the Holden Tower where there were still a few White - fronted Geese with one Tundra Bean Goose. There was also a flock of Barnacle Geese with one Eygptian Goose. Some more Spring visitors were the three Little Ringed Plovers with some Dunlin and Redshank. It was really cold, not like Spring at all.

Reed Bunting [Male]

Bank Vole, Willow Hide  

Spoonbill on the Tack Piece

Water Rail

Water Rail

Long-tailed Tit

Mallard ducklings waiting for mum

Water Rail swimming in front of the hide

At the dam an Osprey was giving very good views perched in the tree by the pumping station. This was Ochre Z|T, an adult female that was ringed in Perthshire in 1998/9 and had last been seen at a nest in Dundee in 2002. She had a large audience of admirers watching her. There was also a male Gadwall and female Goldeneye swimming on the lake as well. As I was filling up my memory card taking pictures of her, we left to go back to Chew. We drove back along the lake and saw a pair of Roe Deer sitting in the woods but they were a bit nervous as the tractor was in the next field. They wandered off into the thicket when it got too close. Further down the road, there was another pair of Roe Deer in a field. The Buck’s antlers were just losing its velvet covering and it looked a bit strange. We turned round a corner and were surprised to see an Osprey very close to the road. It could have been White YA but we couldn’t be certain. It flew back up to the dam. We stopped to look at some birds swimming in the reeds and were pleased to spot the second bird we wanted to see. The Black - necked Grebe which was now in full breeding plumage and gave us a good view before it swam around the corner. We went to Herriott's Bridge to have another look at what was there. There were lots of Sand Martins skimming over the lake. They are very tricky to try and get a picture of. We had heard that a Stone Curlew was seen today at Oldbury and didn’t know whether to go to see it or not. We made the decision to pop along to Oldbury on Severn as we thought it might be gone by the morning. We had a job finding the place, but eventually we did. It was starting to get late in the day by now and it was quite a walk to get there. We saw a Barn Owl out hunting. We eventually saw the Stone Curlew hunkered down in the one of the fields near the Power Station but it didn't look well to us. It kept closing his eyes. Perhaps it was just tired or maybe thats how they roost for the night. It was still a lovely bird nonetheless. The time was now 6pm and getting dark so we left it in peace and hoped it would be alright. Further along on the path we saw a Fox. It looked at us for a moment and then went into another field nearby. We wondered even more whether the Stone Curlew would be alright. There were no reports of it in the following morning  so I hope it flew off safely.

We decided to visit Chew and Blagdon today to look for the Ospreys that had been showing most of the week. As this was the first visit of the year, we had to call in the Woodford Lodge to renew our permits. We went to Blagdon first and had a quick look in the hide and saw some Goldeneye, Great Crested Grebe, Wigeon, Tufted Ducks and Shoveler. We went to the dam to see if any Osprey were around there and saw one of the birds had got stuck underneath the net and had to be rescued.  Nigel Milbourne from Blagdon Birds and Dave Hewitt, who is a ringer, were down at the pumping station with a Bristol Water worker fishing him out of the water. They gave him a quick check over and found he was a little thin, but otherwise okay and so they released him and he flew over us looking a bit wet and bedraggled.

Blagdon, Chew and Oldbury 29th March 2013

We later found out  that the bird was a male ringed White YA born at Glaslyn in North Wales and fledged 2007. He is probably the male that has nested in Kielder. We went back to Chew, but it was very quiet there. The Eygptian Goose was still around and seems to have taken up residence. It was busy at the picnic site, so we decided to go back to Blagdon to have our lunch overlooking the lake.  We saw a lot of Gulls following a tractor ploughing a field and it had also attracted several Buzzards in search of worms. We made our way back to the dam.

White YA being rescued  from the net

White YA  flying over the dam, Blagdon

Buzzard in ploughed field, Blagdon

Eygptian Goose at Picnic Site, Chew

Ochre Z|T  perched in tree near the dam

Ochre Z|T taking off

Presumably Ochre Z|T  flying   

Presumably Ochre Z|T  

Ochre Z|T perched in the tree

Roe Deer Pair in small woodland

Roe Deer [Buck] in the field

Black - necked Grebe [Summer]

Sand Martin in flight, Chew Valley Lake

Barn Owl, Oldbury on Severn

Stone Curlew  in the stubble field near Oldbury Power Station

Fox sitting on the path